Sunday, September 12, 2010

A seasoned kick-off.

Helvetica, designer.

There's always different rules for the game King's (or King's Cup), and it's always good to have a printable copy because let's face it, in the heat of the game it'd take photographic memory to be able to remember these. So these are just my rules, of course there are multiple versions and feel free to recommend your own that may change the game style completely.

Ace - Waterfall, who ever draws the card starts the waterfall by drinking and everyone must follow. Once the starter puts down their drink the player clockwise to them may stop and it continues. You can potentially be a doucher and make everyone chug their drink.
King - Kings cup DERP, pour enough drink to fill 1/4 of a community cup (a mug for class), when the last king is drawn that person drinks whatever's in the mug. 

Queen - Rules, whoever draws this card gets to make a rule for the rest of the game. If someone breaks that rule they drink. Can be something like no drinking with your right hand, and when everyone's shit faced it can be pretty hard to remember these.

Jack - Vagina movies, good for some laughs, replace one word in a movie title with the word "vagina" until a movie is repeated or someone draws a blank.
Ten - Never have I ever, never have I ever pooped on someone's chest.

Nine - Rhyme.
Eight - Mate, pick two people and one when drinks the other has to as well, you can pick yourself.

Seven - Heaven, finger to the air, last one out drinks.
Six - Dicks, I'd say all guys drink but you never know who you might be playing with.

Five - Jive, person starting makes a hand gesture and the next person must copy it and add another movement, whoever messes it up drinks.

Four - Whores, ladies I mean.

Three - Me, take a drink.

Two - You, hand out two drinks to anyone or two to one person.


  1. This game looks too fun. Gonna have to try this sometime soon!

  2. Like that version of the game, but what is i never pooped on anyones chest?

  3. Sounds like a nice game. I may try it. Supporting this.

  4. This is really cool!! I like it a lot.

    I'm gonna follow your blog and check daily. Check out my blog too if you can!

  5. sounds like a fun game. Might try it with a friend. We are both very very competitive so itll be interesting

  6. i fuckken love playing kings, altho have puked a few times hahah

  7. ah i loved playing kings even though never have i ever always came up with gay shit

  8. Never played this O.O did i miss out?

  9. play this game with shots, total win