Monday, September 27, 2010

The adventures'll never end, it's Adventure Time!

Sorry for the lack of activity, I've been recovering since that awesome concert I last talked about.

I made mention of this a while ago but never gave an embed. That and I truly believe this deserves another mention. The pilot episode for Adventure Time that aired before the shows actual starting date. The animation is a bit different than what it is now, and yes the show is still airing and is due for another season. The next episode airs today at 10:30EST on Nick. Whoever thought this show was meant to air on a children's network or be seen by children in general clearly isn't in the best state of mind. 

On a more sane note, check out the credits song called "Island Song" by Ashley Eriksson. This version isn't the exact same as in the show but it's practically the same.


  1. Hey cool post bro sounds awesome!
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  2. thx for the great post! I will definitely come back for more!

  3. that show is by far one of the best. it always amazes me how disturbing kids shows can be

  4. i stoped after he downloaded alittle dance and the boy started danceing lol... thanks for the post

  5. Mathematical! I saw the name of your blog and knew... I was meant to follow you.