Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dat Hiatus.

Sorry for the long lapse in updates, it would appear that responsibilities are catching up with me. I'll make this quick, two points I should get it.

1. Halloween is coming up. This used to mean candy, but as time progresses the focus turns to costumes. Nothing scary, cute or adorable. Everything has to be either hilarious or slutty. Since I'm going to safely opt out of the slutty category I've run into some troubles thinking of a good costume that's reletively cheap but gets the job done.

2. Sunshine. It's a movie that serves as surreal experience into the human mind. Sure it's sci-fi and not what you'd consider cookie baking material but for this one, to fully grasp it's message and well the movie itself I suggest witholding the baking materials. Basically the Sun is dying and a crew of heroes is sent out to drop a bomb that would jump-start the ailing Sun to ensure the continuation of human life as we know it, only problem is that 7 years prior another crew was sent but failed. Full of suspense, manly tears, erection giving goodness.

I'll leave you with a song from the OST, if you like Hans Zimmer a la Inception, Gladiator or pretty much all of his amazing scores (minus Pirates) then you'll enjoy this.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More music, because music is life

I'd just like to bring awareness to an up and coming artist who goes by the stagename KO, how you pronounce that I leave to your descrection. I had the honour of seeing him perform at our frosh last year as an opener for Ill Scarlett and this man's story is a tribute to his music. Unlike most performers who rhyme about the hard times, KO (Ko Kapches) actually did spend some time living on the streets and went through several drug stints only to come out as a talented rapper. Some of his songs relate to baking cookies so the relevance is due and welcome as a post on this blog.

His website.